Quick Guide: How Our Elementary and Middle School STEM Kits Support NGSS

At Kid Spark Education, we help schools and educational service providers disrupt the pattern of educational inequity by providing STEM kits and programming early and consistently for elementary school students. To bridge the opportunity gap for STEM learning, we align our curriculum with standards designed to help teach a love of STEM. One way we do that is by infusing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into our elementary and middle school curriculum. These standards are made up of three parts:

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Introducing STEM Early: 4 Key Skills STEM Kits Teach in Preschool

Preschool is a key time to introduce young learners to the foundational fluencies of science, technology, engineering, and math through STEM kits. That’s because these early years are a crucial time for brain development. As Buchter explains in this reporting by the University of Nevada

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5 Ways STEM Kits Can Boost Confidence for Girls

At Kid Spark Education, we’re well aware of the lack of confidence many young women have in STEM. Girls, as they enter puberty, start to lose confidence in STEM, which cuts off so much talent across STEM disciplines. In fact, as a part of a partnership with the authors of The Confidence Code for Girls, Ypulse conducted a nationwide quantitative online survey of 1394 8-18-year-olds and their parents/guardians. The study found that:

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5 Ways STEM Kits Create Engaged Learning in Kindergarten


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Using STEM Kits For Elementary School Learning

It is critical that elementary school students get STEM education early and consistently. As the University of Nevada reports, 

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STEM Curriculum for Elementary Schools


Starting STEM education early sets students up for educational success in and out of the STEM subjects. With the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and logical reasoning skills learned through early STEM fluency, young learners are able to adapt more quickly and embrace the world around them with curiosity and confidence.

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4 Reasons Elementary STEM Kits Add Value

Having access to STEM education is so important, but it’s not just a matter of having a couple STEM kits and activities. All the way through elementary school and middle school, students need access to full STEM programming curriculum in order to truly build STEM identity and technology fluency. That’s why Kid Spark Education is designed to not only provide STEM kits, but a full program focused on giving students progressive education that builds every single year. 

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5 Reasons STEM Kits Belong in Elementary Classrooms

For elementary school students, it is paramount that they get STEM education early and consistently throughout their education. A key way to add STEM learning to early education is using STEM kits. That’s why, at Kid Spark Education we’re happy to offer our STEM Labs for students in elementary school and beyond. We want to help foster a love of problem solving and scientific thinking that can support students throughout their lives. 

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Building an Impactful Afterschool STEM Curriculum

Having a STEM curriculum available in afterschool programs is more important than ever, especially since there is such a demand for afterschool programs. Youth.gov finds that nearly 10.2 million children and youth participate in afterschool programs annually, with that number growing every year. However, many parents are facing obstacles to getting childcare and important learning experiences to their students after school. America After 3pm reports in their survey of parents at rural schools that: 

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5th Grade STEM Curriculum

Developing a Curriculum for 5th Grade STEM Education

The core concepts taught in 5th grade STEM bring together the foundational fluencies students have developed in their earlier education. At the 5th grade level, these ideas merge to bring scientific principles to life and show students how the concepts of STEM affect their everyday lives.

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