Robotics STEM Kits for the Classroom

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Middle School STEM Labs: What Your Students Can Learn

According to a 2020 study sponsored by, fewer than half of US schools offer a computer science curriculum. With students facing a more technological future, getting STEM training throughout their educational journey is more important than ever. That’s why, at Kid Spark Education, we’re passionate about providing our Middle School STEM program to help students develop important critical thinking skills. In our 6th - 8th Grade STEM Program, students explore challenging STEM concepts from their everyday world, authoring with technology to solve problems and create new solutions. By providing hands-on engineering and computer science education,our STEM labs give students a strategic gateway for students to learn disciplines and develop a strong STEM identity. When children can construct their sense of math and science with relatable projects, when they learn through their mistakes and succeed through persistence, they develop a growth mindset towards STEM.

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At Kid Spark Education, STEM isn't a buzzword: it's a powerful way to nurture students' natural curiosity; build confidence and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math; and foster abilities in collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. You, their teachers, are our most important partner in achieving our mission of preparing all children for a lifetime of learning about science and technology. The Kid Spark Blog is written by educators, for educators to be a resource in your toolbox so you can feel confident and capable in teaching STEM to your elementary students. 

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